Random thought

Lived on an enormous earth
Never knew what it was worth
Until a virus came and disturbed
The beaches and surroundings got clean
And we thought the virus was mean.

Our bodies were put to rest
But it wanted to do something best
Never did they ever think like this
And found their hearts at peace.

Did it take a virus to make us at peace or better beings ?
Or was it just something we always wanted to do when nobody was seeing..
Did it take the virus to get people courage to do something nice?
Or was it just something we lacked while in our busy daily lives..

Let’s say hello to the new world we create
And bid adieu to the bad things mate
For living with someone we love is what we crave
So let’s do something we love and make the world brave.

My first blog !!

Hello people from all around the world. Writing is something that I love so much since I was a kid. I have a habit of writing everything down in my diary for whenever I am taken aback or not in life. Hoping to come over my fears and exploring myself more couldn’t be better than at this time. I hope I keep everyone entertained by my posts and “blogs” – a word I must get used to with. I would talk about not just life but also issues of the world via my blogs.

An impressive line that I came across from a movie – What would you write on your tombstone, the girl asks. The boy replies – writing for one last time, if possible remember the story.

With this note, I end my first blog feeling nothing but jovial and content.

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